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Tesla Man

The Beginning

Once upon a time there was a family man named mr TJ. He loved his family, his cat and his car, a shiny red Tesla Model S. His favorite thing to do was to drive around in his tesla and he took extremely well care of it, cleaning and polishing the car so it looked brilliant and shiny. He had named his cat after his beloved car and it had the name Tezzla. Tezzla was, as most cats are, a very curious cat, always exploring new paths.

One day Tezzla followed an especially interesting bird which had an odd glow about it. She got farther and farther away from home, venturing into a woods not far from the Dump industries. The chase led them close to a bubbling lake with a disturbing glowing neon green color, and a smell that would make any sane person revert. But Tezzla, since she was a cat, of course didn't take any notice of the color nor the smell of the lake, her only interest was in catching the bird.

The bird landed high up in a tree with long limbs hanging out over the lake and perched on a branch while it chirped teasingly. Tezzla would not give in. She was a cat and a better climber than most. It didn't take her long to climb up the the tree trunk and out on the branch hanging over the lake. She creeped slowly and silently closer to the bird. Almost upon the bird it flow farther out on the branch. Tezzla creeped after it, the branch started to move, but Tezzla had no caution, her only focus was the bird. Suddenly the bird lifted and Tezzla forgetting that she was on a tree limb, leaped up in the air after the bird... and fell. She fell right in to the greenish water. Blub, blub, blub, she was sinking down, down, down.

Tezzla kicked frantically while swallowing half of the lake it seemed, and a lot of other icky, gooey stuff. Luckily she was close to shore and somehow managed to drag her self out of the water up to solid ground. For a while she lay there panting until she finally had regained enough energy to find her way back home. There, outside the garage, was mr TJ cleaning his car. Tezzla went up to him and stroked against his legs and meowed. But, no meow came out of her mouth, just a wheezing hiss.

"What's the matter Tezzla, not feeling good?"

He was absolutely right. She was not feeling good at all. Something was moving inside her tummy. She jumped up on to the front of the car and all her body was shaking uncontrollably. She sounded like she was about to choke. Suddenly she opened her mouth wide and out of it gushed something electric green, viscouos and smelly, covering the front. Mr TJ looked in stupefied shock. His car! His precious car was covered in something really disgusting. He grabbed a cloth to wipe it up. When he touched the mess it was as if it had come alive, it bubbled frantically and got larger and larger, higher and higer in big wawes it grow until it covered the car completely and boom! It exploded and everything became dark.

Mr TJ felt his hand itching. He tried to stop the itching but it just continued. He slowly regained consciousness and realized it was Tezzla licking his hand. Where was his car? He looked around confused. It was nowhere to be seen. Something felt very strange. He looked at his arms and legs. They were red and shiny. He stroked his arm and it was smooth and cool as the metal of his car. What had happened to him? He felt like he wanted to run and abruptly stood up.

"What has happened Tezzla?", he asked the cat, not expecting an answer.

To his surprise he could here the cat answering in his head.

"I fell into a lake close to Dump industries. And when I came up I was not the cat I used to be anymore."

"Lets go back to the lake and see what we can find out!", urged mr TJ who really wanted to run just anywhere.

The cat agreed and with the speed of an electric lightning they had disappeared from the spot infront of the garage. It only took them a few seconds to arrive next to the lake. Mr TJ took a look at the lake. The putrid water was now bubbling agitated. In the far distance the chimneys of the Dump industries were visible, with a thick black smoke rising threateningly to the sky.

Once again with the speed of lightning mr TJ started running. He ran around the lake until he found a small stream whith a viscious green color and the most repugnant smell trickling down into the lake. So, this was what made the lake so awful. But where did it come from? Mr TJ had his suspiscions. To verify this and to get to run again, it was really fun to be able to run that fast, he speeded along the stream until he found its origin. There was no doubt about the culprit! It was the Dump industries. What had the Dump industries done to the lake, to his cat and to him? At that moment he saw a flash of light on his hand. What was that? He looked closer on the hand. It looked like a rear view mirror. He held his hand up in front of himself and was amazed at what he saw. He had somehow totally transformed and merged with his car, he had become TESLA MAN!

This is the story of how mr TJ became the TESLA MAN. A hero powered by electricity. Any time he started to get low he just need to find a power outlet to charge his battery.

The TESLA MAN and his cat decided that they needed to put an end to Dump Industries and its toxic waste. The Dump industries was owned by the rich and ruthless business man mr Dump who lived in the Dump Tower. He was known for not caring about the environment and that his industries create lots of illegal waste, which he had got away with by paying lots of money to corrupt officials. What Tesla man and Tezzla did not know was that mr Dump was just a disguise for an even more evil persona named dr Diesel. Dr Diesel hated everything electrical, especially electrical vehicles. He had dedicated himself to destroy all electrical vehicles and always came up with new ideas to achieve this goal.

Luckily for the world Dr. Diesel's vile practices had backfired and created a champion for a world free of pollution with vehicles powered by electricity instead of diesel, he had unwittingly been the reason for the existence of his worst enemy: TESLA MAN.

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