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Tesla Man

The Horrendous Hybrids

The air was full of lightning and thundering. The sky had hardly had time to become brightly illuminated until it was followed by a booming sound that could break any ear drums. But that was not the reason for dr Dump to wildly circling his laboratory with a crazed look. What was the world coming to? He could not stand to see another of those electrical vehicles popping up like mushrooms everywhere. Soon no one would buy his gorgeous gasoline or devastating diesel anymore. These products had made millions for the Dump Industries which he had started in the name which he was more commonly known as, mr Dump. Now people hade started buying electrical cars instead and had no use of his products. Sales had fallen drastically. He just hade to do something about it.

- What if, what if... , he was thinking out loud. And then he got it! It was as always a brilliant plan, a plan only he himself could have come up with. A plan so devious and malicious they would never know what had hit them!

Tesla man had been driving around for hours it seemed, trying to find a free charging space. But they had all been occupied and no sign of any giving up its plug.

- Ahhh, not another full charging station, he groaned. What am I to do Tezzla?, he asked the cat who was sitting on the drivers seat with a hat on her head. It had been quite an endeavour to convince her to wear that hat, but it would have looked strange if anyone hade seen a cat driving a car.

- There is something shady about this, how can all plugs be taken everywhere? Let’s have a closer look att these cars, something is just not looking right… Tesla man transformed into mr TJ. He walked slowly towards the charging cars. He walked around them and looked closely.

- Look Tezzla, what is this here? It has an extra power outlet, what the heck… This is not for power, Tezzla it is for a non renewable fuel tank!!!!

- Meooooow! Tezzla sounded horrified. And then she tapped with her paw on something on the license plate. There were two initials below the number: D.D. Mr TJ walked from car to car. They all had the same initials.

- Chzzzrr, Tezzla hissed in warning.

Mr TJ heard the sound of an internal combustion engine. Quickly, he turned into Tesla man and transformed himself into a car parked beside the charging vehicles. A big, big truck appeared and leaving behind it an enormous black cloud with a foul stench. A tall man jumped out of the monster vehicle. He laughed loudly and had a bestial look on his orange face. The hair, which matched his complexion was sticking out in unordered spikes.

- Look att my little darling hybrids! They’re consuming all the electricity and soon there will be nothing left for those vile electrical vehicles, moahahahahahaaaaa!

Now he started singing a little song for himself:

- Dr Diesel I am and I will put an end to them all…” He continued singing while he jumped back in to his truck and drove away leaving the air filled with even more toxic exhaust. Tesla man was appalled. This could not continue, he just had to do something about it.

- Tezzla, what should we do? We can’t just let this Dr Diesel get away with ruining all the possibility of charging. Tezzla answered with a meow. And then he got it. Tezzla could save the electrical vehicles, like she had turned him into Tesla man, she could convert the hybrids to full electrical vehicles.

- Tezzla, you won’t like this, but it is our only solution… The cat looked apprehensively at him. You must go and drink of the water in the toxic lake close to Dump Industries. Tezzla hissed and shook her head vigorously. Never again would she do that! Yes, you must, and then you must through up on the hybrids, that will convert them to full EVs. You must do it, to save the world, you have the power to save the world! Tezzlas eyes narrowed into small slits. Then she pointed challenging with her paw at him.

- What do you mean? That I too should drink from the lake too? Tezzla nodded.

- OK, I will do that so should we save the EVs together?

The cat nodded satisfied and they drove on to the forrest by Dump Industries. Tesla man took a deep breath, he pinched his thumb and forefinger around his nose and braced himself for what was coming. Then he drank, and drank. Tezzla did the same. They were ready to save the world from Dr Diesels horrendous hybrids.

Tesla man drove from charging station to charging station. He and the cat throw up luminescent neon coloured gooey muck all over the cars which were then transformed into full electrical vehicles: the gas tanks were transformed into luggage containers and as the final icing on the cake, Tesla man hit the cars with his special lightning to make them always release the plug when they were fully charged.

Doctor Diesels was devastated that his plan had failed so completely and made everyting worse. What had happened? He would not rest until he found out what had happened and who had ruined his horrendous hybrids. But for now the world was once again full of freely available charging stations to satisfy the need of all electrical vehicles.

To be Continued...