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                You can select fullscreen later by clicking the red button on the far right of the screen, or you can configure fullscreen mode later in:
                • Settings -> User Settings.

                Redirecting to youtube..

                When on Youtube, select: GO TO SITE (or similar in your language)


                Dark Mode

                Do you prefer dark mode on your screen? Now you can display mytesla site in dark mode. To change display mode go to settings (the gear icon settings in the top right corner). In User Settings toggle the display mode button to select Dark Mode.


                An FAQ section has been added to the settings menu describing how solve common problems. If there is something you think should be added to the FAQ or if it doesn't answer your question, you are always welcome to contact us through the form.

                Configure Display Mode

                Dark Mode Light Mode
                Go directly to fullscreen Always start in browser

                ASometimes after an update, the browser uses cached content instead of the updated content. To remedy this do the following:

                Empty the browser cache. To empty browser cache look in the Service menu. There is a button to clear the browser.

                Still not working? The theater mode browser is not the same as the web browser. In order to clear all caches you need to do a change of wheel configuration:

                • You find this in the Service Menu.
                • Change to any other wheel configuration than the current.
                • Don't forget to change back to your wheel configuration.

                AThe fullscreen mode functionality is a workaround/hack to be able to view any site in fullscreen mode that supports the Tesla browser.

                To go in to fullscreen mode, take the following steps:

                • Click on the button that says "fullscreen", on the right, middle of the browser window.
                • Wait to be redirected to youtube.
                • When youtube opens up, select the button that says "Go to Site" (or similar in your language).
                • You will now be redirected back to mytesla.nu in fullscreen mode.
                • Now you can select any link and it will open in fullscreen mode. You can even create your own custom links from the settings menu "Custom Links".

                A To get out of fullscreen mode, tap at the top of the screen and a menu bar displays. To close fullscreen, tap at the cross (x), in the top right corner.

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                If you do not want Google Analytics to track you, choose any of the following options:

                • NOTE: If you clear your cache you need to come back here to reactivate untracking!
                  You will not be tracked by Google Analytices anymore!
                • Install Google Analytics Opt Out Browser Plug In. This will stop Google from tracking you on any site.

                And don't forget you can always remove all your cookies by clearing your cache!

                Local Storage

                What is local storage

                Local storage is an alternative to cookies. The browser saves information in a special file on your computer or mobile device. Similar to cookies, local storage is often used to make a smoother user experience.

                Why does this site use local storage?

                This site uses local storage for a better user experience, to serve content in line with preferences and previous choices.

                As with cookies, in most browsers, you remove local storage by clearing your cache.